• Adjective meaning:
    • happening every day or most days
    • used every day or most days


My everyday activity includes an hour of exercise.

I need to buy another pair of everyday shoes.  


Every Day

  • One day? Some days? No, every day.
  • How often will something happen?  Every day.


I go to school every day except Sunday.

I study a little English every day.


Note: Notice the difference in meaning between:

  • Every day: Sunday through Saturday week after week
  • All day: From morning until nighttime.


Practice: Choose “every day” or “everyday” for each blank.

  1. I need to take my dog for a walk _________________ .
  2. I enjoy opening my windows to hear the ______________ sounds of my community.
  3. I go to the library __________________, but I don’t always study.
  4. _________________ that I study English, I improve a little bit.
  5. The artist uses _______________ objects in her sculpture.




Answers: 1) every day, 2) everyday, 3) every day, 4) Every day, 5) everyday