Make Something From Scratch

and Other Expressions with Make + Object


There are a number of phrasal verbs with the verb “make + object.”  Here are a few with their meanings.



  • Make something out of _________ - to form something out of certain materials
    • She made a shirt out of silk.
    • He made a cake out of flour, sugar and blueberries.
    • He made a collage out of pictures, glue and paint.


  • Make something up – to tell a lie
    • She told me she was working 30 hours a week, but later she admitted she had made it all up. She actually didn’t get the job at all.
    • My brother told my mom he had a 90% average in Math this semester, and then the report card came. He had made it all up.


  • Make work/an assignment up – to complete work that went undone
    • I went on vacation last week, so now the teacher said I had to make the work up.
    • I was sick yesterday when we had a test, so today I have to make it up.


  • Make something from scratch – to cook something out of basic ingredients
    • Mom doesn’t use a box cake mix; she bakes it from scratch.
    • Your husband is the best cook. He always makes everything from scratch.


Make something out of ______________________ Make something from scratch
Make something up Make work/an assignment up


Instructions: Underline the phrasal verb in each sentence. Notice that each phrasal verb is made up of several words each.

  1. This quilt is beautiful!  I made it out of six different colored and patterned cotton cloth.
  2. There was a big brown bear that ran after me all the way here!  Really!?!  No, I just made it up. Haha.
  3. I was invited to read my speech at the assemble. But, I missed my English class, so I had to make the work up.
  4.  I love it when my mom makes us apple dessert from scratch.



Answers: 1) made it out of, 2) made it up, 3) make the work up, 4) makes apple dessert from scratch