Play this game with a friend/group and learn more about each other.

Complete the sentence with the present perfect tense. (Present Perfect: have + participle)

Example: Never have I ever jumped out of an airplane.

Notice:  This game is a perfect example of the present perfect tense.

  • You are speaking from the perspective of now.
  • You are looking back over time to consider what you have never yet done.


Possible verbs to use in your never-have-I-ever statements: 

Verb - present/past/participle
jump/jumped/jumped    (water)ski/skied/skied
go/went/gone         act/acted/acted   
play/played/played    be/was/been
dance/danced/danced sit/sat/sat
lie/lay/lain (lie down) watch/watched/watched
pet/petted/petted see/saw/seen
climb/climbed/climbed say/said/said
hit/hit/hit drive/drove/driven



  • Never have I ever danced until dawn.
  • Never have I ever gone skydiving.
  • Never have I every seen a full-circle rainbow.